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Evoution of Yield surfaces: Past and Future Trend - Simulation

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In continuation of our work on yield surfaces


Part- 1 (node/9016)

Part- 2 (node/9073) and

Part- 3 (node/9103


An elasto- plastic damage theory was used to predict the evolution of such yield surfaces.

An elasto-plastic damage constitutive theory and its prediction of evolution of subsequent yield surfaces and elastic constants 

International Journal of Plasticity, In Press, Corrected Proof, Available online 15 March 2011
Fang Liu, Qiang Fu, Cen Chen, Naigang Liang 



Dear Prof. Amit Pandey:

    Now I am very interest in damage/plasiticity coupling constitutive modeling and finite element implementation now, which is also research focus in engineering problem. Would you please provide some experience on anisotropic nonassociate damage /plasiticity coupling constitutive modeling and corresponding finite element analysis?  I always feel the foundation of solid mechanics should be fatigue, damage, fatigue and fracture.

Thank you! 





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Dear Liu

I could not agree with you more and definitely  fatigue, damage,
fatigue and fracture occur as a result of plasticity. Let me know specifically
your requirement.





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the link is now working



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