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There are many universities in England which offers dynamic and vibration noice. I can suggest you one of the best university in england  is BRUNEL UNIVERSITY. there are FEA experts in this university few of the professors i can suggest you are: 1. Dr. sivaloganathan, 2. Dr. David Rees, 3. joe aue. I am sending you the university link have a look this might help you,



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thanks for your help!! I have send my CV to them、

come to swansea university,you can find good professors from china.try to contact Prof.Y.T.Feng He is researching on structural dynamics and vibration,an expert on arc length method too!

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thanks for your help.I want to apply for joint PHD student in England for one or two years.And I meet a difficult that I do not hold any English language qualifications now,if I want to get a PhD from Universities in the UK,How can I do next if I want to get this PhD research opportunities?And are there some PhD research opportunities, which are no limit to Engligh?

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pls help me  and give me some messages about this。thanks

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