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Simpleware signs up reseller in China

Simpleware Ltd., the world leader in image-based meshing software, has signed an agreement with Gaitech International Ltd. to resell the Simpleware suite of software products in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao.

Simpleware software offers an advanced solution to problems that were previously intractable due to the complexity in geometry reconstruction. Simpleware's technology has opened up numerical analysis (CFD and FEA) to a variety of applications, including biomedical engineering, material characterisation and industrial reverse engineering.

Philippe Young, MD of Simpleware, on the recent addition to Simpleware’s sales partners: “The partnership with Gaitech will further enhance our position as the world-leading provider of tools for the conversion of 3D images to simulation models, and we see a high potential of our technology for the growing Chinese market”.

With Simpleware, users can rapidly transform 3D images into high quality meshes. Important benefits of using Simpleware software over competing products are:

  • Our software is specifically designed to cope with the most complex geometric entities, thus achieving more accurate results.
  • Users can export meshes directly to leading FE and CFD solvers without various intermediate steps. The mesh quality is reported to be excellent.
  • Users can mesh multiple structures and define contact surfaces between them. Interfaces are perfectly conforming surfaces without gaps or overlaps - no intersecting triangles.
  • Users can integrate CAD and image data using our +ScanCAD module (e.g. for inserting implants, blood stents, etc.).
  • Our software offers an intuitive user interface, which makes it easy to learn and operate.
  • Our software is backed by full technical support from experienced engineers.

“We are pleased to introduce such an advanced innovation to China to elevate the local research levels in biomechanics, biomaterial and tissue engineering” says Jenssen Chang, MD of Gaitech.

About Simpleware
Simpleware is the world leader in the conversion of 3D images (as obtained from MRI, CT, Micro-CT for example) into high quality Finite Element, CAD and Rapid Prototyping models. Simpleware software produces high quality meshes from 3D data in a fraction of the time taken with alternative software. Unlike other approaches, Simpleware provides complete software solutions from importing 3D image through to export to commercial FEA and CFD solvers. The ease and unprecedented accuracy with which models can be generated from 3D datasets have opened up image based numerical analysis to a variety of applications. The company offers researchers and engineers who are dissatisfied with the time they currently spend on generating good quality computer models, a tool to produce better models in a fraction of the time taken with alternative software.
For more information on Simpleware, visit:

About Gaitech
Gaitech International, based at Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing, is focusing in the field of medical engineering, ergonomics, and neuroscience. Gaitech provides professional kinematics and kinetics service, and distributes kinematics products from European and North American manufacturers. Gaitech's customers, from biomechanics, biomaterial to tissue engineering, are showing great interest in Simpeware's software products.
For more information on Gaitech, visit:


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