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Post-­‐doctoral research fellowship: Molecular mechanics of bone

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Top candidates are sought for a collaborative research project between Dr. Sandra Shefelbine (Department of Bioengineering, Imperial College London) and Dr. Markus Buehler (Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology).  This project will use molecular modelling techniques and associated experimental methods to explore the collagen-apatite interface in bone. 

Shefelbine’s research group experimentally examines the structure and mechanics of bones (  Buehler’s research group focuses on computational materials science of structural protein materials (

Candidates will apply for the UK’s Wellcome Trust-MIT Postdoctoral Fellowship, which provides four years of funding for research at the boundaries of biology, medicine, and engineering.  Fellows will spend 2-3 years at MIT and the remaining time at Imperial.  Eligibility: a PhD in a relevant field (engineering or biotechnology), no more than 3 years post-doctoral experience, relevant connections with European Economic Area (degree or citizenship).  Previous experience with molecular modelling techniques or related techniques is recommended.  

Interested candidates should send a CV and cover letter to Professors Shefelbine and Buehler ( & by 15 June, 2011.  We notify the selected candidate by 18 June and work with him/her to develop the full proposal for the 1 July deadline.

More information about the fellowship can be found at:

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In this context:

iMechanicians and members of the public in general may wish to note that Dr. Markus Buehler has not at all responded to my emails addressed to him in the past---emails written using my Yahoo! ID, as well as the official email ID assigned to me during my job as a paid consultant. (As to Dr. Shefelbine: Neither have I ever written to her, nor do I care---writing her, or receiving her replies---given her the nature of her research.) 

Now that I have noted what I did, some iMechanicians and members of public in general may perhaps then be left to wonder regarding the timing of the appearances of this advertisement and that of my post at my personal blog, here: [^], esp. this part in my linked post: "It is reassuring, to a certain degree, to find that..." (see Q2 in my post).

It is in that regard that I wish to clarify that while Dr. Buehler did not send me any reply email at all, among others, Prof. Lyman Page (Princeton) and Dr. Joy Christian (Perimeter Institute/Oxford) certainly have. Overall, I do suppose I am justified in saying what I did at my personal blog. ...

That was just a clarification. (Such things are necessary, this being the Internet, and I being what I am: a failure in a PhD program in a 60+ ranked US university, and a PhD in engineering from a university other than IITs, IISc, JNCASR, HRI, etc., in India.)

Clarification over.


Cheers! Enjoy! Et Cetera!


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