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New release now available for the Mimics Innovation Suite

Leuven,Belgium, May 31, 2011. Materialise is proud to announce the newest release of the Mimics Innovation Suite. The software solution, already renowned for being the fastest  and easiest method for getting accurate 3D surface models from imaging data, is now faster and more user-friendly than ever. An example of the improved features is that several
algorithms have been made significantly smarter, increasing the speed at which they perform. Since medical imaging data is getting more detailed, resulting in bigger files, these smarter and faster algorithms are necessary to ensure a smooth workflow from image data to Engineering on Anatomy.



With this release of the Mimics Innovation Suite, both Mimics and 3-matic have new and updated features to introduce. Mimics 14.1 now offers integration with the User Community, multiple core support, a new import wizard, and an auto-save that is up to 90% faster than currently available. Another useful feature is the ability to change paramaters without waiting. When strict parameters are used, this can cause long calculations. It is now possible to stop these calculations midway and change the parameters, saving valuable time.


The latest release of 3-matic introduces an improved user interface, adaptive remeshing, the ability to change parameters during a calculation, an Expert Mode, and quick labeling. In addition, there are two new modules to discover for the reverse engineering of medical data and the anaylsis of parts. The Anatomical Reverse Engineering module makes the conversion from 3D triangle
meshes to CAD format (IGES) straightforward and easy to accomplish. This means a non-stop workflow from medical images to solid IGES files for implant design or FEA without the need for additional software. It is “reverse engineering” made simple. The Analysis module can be used to analyze and visualize: the thickness of a part, the differences between two similar parts (for example, pre-operative and post-op models), and the curvature of a part. 


Koen Engelborghs, Business Unit Manager of Materialise’s Biomedical Engineer unit, has this to say about the latest Mimics Innovation Suite release, “When it comes to improving existing features and creating new ones, we are inspired by those who ulitimately use our software. Users of the Mimics Innovatation Suite are taking biomedical R&D to new heights, therefore it is important that we are able to provide them with the best tools possible to carry out their research. With this new release, we are confident that those who use their Mimics Innovation
Suite will appreciate the new features because of the actions they can now perform and the time they will save as a result.”


Always well comes Abaqus CAE examples.

Always well comes Abaqus CAE examples.

Always well comes Abaqus CAE examples.

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