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Hardness value from Nanoindentation Curve


Is there anyone aware of the reason why there is a surge in hardness value during the initial stages of penetration in nanoindentation curve. In a plot of hardness vs displacement into surface, I record a high value during the initial stages of the run. I am little confused about the reason.




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It is due to ISE (Indentation Size Effect). It is due to tip blunting effect. The model (Oliver-Pharr or other) you use to extract hardness and modulus values tries its best to take account of tip blunting effect but still gives overestimated value of hardness and modulus. If you are using a Berkovich tip, the ISE region would be 200-400nm range. Lee & Kwon tried to measure the tip blunting effect in one of their paper. If you want I can explore the detail of the paper for you.


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