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Ultrafast Nano-Oscillators Based on Carbon Nanoscrolls

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We demonstrate ultrafast axial nano-oscillator based on carbon nanoscroll (CNS) which operates at 10s~100s GHz, using molecular dynamic simulations. Such a nano-oscillator consists of a SWCNT that is housed inside a CNS, which can be feasibly formed by the SWCNT-initiated scrolling of a basal monolayer graphene. The unique topological structure of the CNS-based nano-oscillator offers a simple and viable pathway to fabricating ultrafast axial nano-oscillators. We also propose an effective and practical strategy to reduce the oscillation dissipation of the CNS-based nano-oscillators by introducing interlayer bridging bonds in the CNS. We further demonstrate the highly sustainable oscillation of the bridged-CNS-based nano-oscillators that can be excited and driven by an external AC electric field, which exemplifies the potential to leverage CNS-based nano-oscillators for energy transduction, harnessing and storage (e.g., from electric to mechanical) at nano-scale. 

Z. Zhang, T. Li, Ultrafast nano-oscillators based on interlayer-bridged carbon nanoscrolls, Nanoscale Research Letters, in press (2011). (supplemental video 1video 2video 3video 4)


First of all congratulations for a nice work. This idea solves the major challenges in fabrication of CNT oscillators. Bridging across the layers of scroll is interesting to make the outer structure rigid so that less dissipation. Nice videos!!. I am wondering how the time stamp was added to trajectory, which tool is that?

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Hi, Prasad,

Thanks for you comment. We generated these videos using MATLAB. In MATLAB, you can add text boxes onto a series of pictures and then link all the pictures together to create a video.


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Really interesting videos, and nice work could hold strong potential for CNS usage.

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