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Installation and Extraction of Spudcans using Abaqus/Explicit

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Spudcans are conical footings used as foundations for offshore platforms. Installation in soft marine soil forces them deeply into the seabed, inducing gross motion and severe plastic deformation in the soil. A pure Lagrangian-based finite element approach for modeling spudcan installation and extraction can be very difficult. Because the mesh moves with the material, ele-ment distortion typically accompanies severe deformation and convergence difficulties follow. In an Eulerian-based method, material flows through a fixed mesh; it is therefore more amenable to the simula-tion of large material motion and extreme deformation. Abaqus/Explicit offers the coupled Eulerian-Lagrangian technique, in which chosen portions of the model can be modeled as Eulerian or Lagrangian, while automatically maintaining contact between the distinct regions. In this Technology Brief the coupled Eulerian-Lagrangian analysis method is used to model the installation, extrac-tion, and in-situ loading behavior of spudcans.

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