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Meshfree Methods

Dear All,

recently, I started exploring the scope of work in Meshfree Methods for my Ph.D. and have gone through basic concepts for MLPG and SPH. Can anybody share simple one/two dimensional examples and beam problems solved usring MLPG... 



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       There is book on the mesh free methods..

MESH FREE METHODS moving beyond Finite Element Method - G. R. Liu, CRC Press.

This book covers theory of mesh free methods with examples. Problems are solved for beam and bar. Softcopy of the book is available on net. 




Thanks a lot for that...but I could not download it from any source..I got few chapters somehow but not the complete book...If possible provide link for the same...

Thanks and regards,





Another Book "An introduction to meshfree methods and their programming" by G R Liu and Y T Gu



Thanks a lot for that...

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Hi Sachin

        There is a free software package for Mesh less method. It is in the developing stage and as of now only available for 2D elastostatics...Link as follows:





Thanks for the link...and I could download the book from and found that very useful in other subjects, too.




can you suggest the link for getting matlab codes for mlpg or efg for simple one dimensional problems...?





Can anybody help in getting Matlab codes for simple bar or beam problem solved using meshfree method?



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I just posted an EFG solution to the 2d cantilever beam problem implemented in Matlab on my website. Hope this helps!


thanks a lot for that...have  you worked on mlpg?


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I have also worked with the MLPG method, however I'm mostly familiar with one type: the MLPG mixed collocation method. Do you have a question about the MLPG method?

can you help me in mlpg?


can you suggest the link for getting matlab codes for improved mlpg  for simple two dimensional problems...?

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