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Temperature–pressure-induced solid–solid 〈100〉 to 〈110〉 reorientation in FCC metallic nanowire

 I would like to share our recent research work on FCC metallic nanowires, which is published in Journal of Physics : Condensed Matters (IOP) . The abstract of the paper is given below. Further details can be found at

Vijay Kumar Sutrakar et al 2012 J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 24 015401 



Atomistic simulation of initial 〈100〉 oriented FCC Cu nanowires shows a novel coupled temperature–pressure dependent reorientation from 〈100〉 to 〈110〉 phase. A temperature–pressure-induced solid–solid 〈100〉 to 〈110〉 reorientation diagram is generated for Cu nanowire with varying cross-sectional sizes. A critical pressure is reported for Cu nanowires with varying cross-sectional sizes, above which an initial 〈100〉 oriented nanowire shows temperature independent reorientation into the 〈110〉 phase. The effect of surface stresses on the 〈100〉 to 〈110〉 reorientation is also studied. The results indicate that above a critical cross-sectional size for a given temperature–pressure, 〈100〉 to 〈110〉 reorientation is not possible. It is also reported here that for a given applied pressure, an increase in temperature is required for the 〈100〉 to 〈110〉 reorientation with increasing cross-sectional size of the nanowire. The temperature–pressure-induced solid–solid 〈100〉 to 〈110〉 reorientation diagram reported in the present paper could further be used as guidelines for controlling the reorientations/shape memory in nano-scale applications of FCC metallic nanowires.


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 Hey Vijay,

                Nice work ! I would like to discuss with you few things later. I am visiting IISc on January 1/2. If you have time, we can meet and discuss about our work. Most likely, I will give talk at IISc on my present work . 

Dibakar Datta
Homepage :
PhD Candidate ; Major : Solid Mechanics
Shenoy Research Group
Brown University
Providence 02912 , USA

Thanx Dibakar,


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