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Drucker Prager model for Silicon dioxide powder in ABAQUS

Hallo, everyone,

I am PhD student in material processing. I have a project of using silicon dioxide powder as forming media for tube hydroforming process. I read some literatures about the material model of granular materials. It seems that the Cap model in ABAQUS should be suitable for prescribing the material behavior in FE model. But it is not easy to do the triaxial test for silicon dioxide powder.

Since the deformation of the powders should be elastic, and the pressure applying to the powder is approximately 50MPa, is it suitable to use Drucker Prager model instead of Cap model for the powders? Accuturally, it is ideal that if the deformation of the powders is elastic, while we can use the powders circularly.

Thanks very much for anyone who can give me some advice!


conventional tube hydroforming using oil as forming medium

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