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Number of iMechanica Registered Users exceeds 30,000

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As of 8 January 2012, the number of registered users of iMechanica exceeded 30,000 , the total number of posts is 11,690, the total number of comments is 18,000.  After five years and four months since its launch, iMechanica still keeps growing steadily.

Founded in September 2006, iMechanica aims

  • to use the Internet to enhance communications among mechanicians , and
  • to pave a way to evolve all knowledge of mechanics online,

and has embraced mechanicians from all over the world and in a wide spectrum. From renown scientists to budding scholars, from academic researchers to industrial practitioners, from government funding agencies to journal publishers/editors, to name a few. 

Hosted on a server at the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Science and maintained by a growing number of volunteers , iMechanica belongs to whoever uses it. If you enjoy using iMechanica, invite your colleagues and friends to join 30,000+ other mechanicians in exploring iMechanica.  


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Michele Ciavarella, Politecnico di BARI - Italy, Rector's delegate.

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Great work, and very well done, Teng and Zhigang! imechanica is a wonderful platform, to me the best one, to communicate with the wordwild mechanicians and share the knowledge of the old and classic subject mechanics.  Hope it will keep prosperous in the new year, and I believe it will do so!


I find the website is very helphul.

it's an useful platform for academic communications

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