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simulation of penetration of hollow cylinder in soil

I am modelling the penetration of a hollow cylinder into the saturated soil by axisymmetric model using Abaqus 6.10 . I defined saturated soil and cylinder body with CAX8RP and CAX8R elements, respectively. I have defined 3 parts (Part 1 the soil that form internal soil after peneteration, 2-The soil which will be left outside the cylinder after penetration, 3-hollow cylinder body ). Initially, I put the tip of the cylinder on the common line of two parts of soil. I know that I should define interaction between soil and cylinder body using contact pairs. For this purpose, first I tie both parts of soil using constraints and then I choose those surfaces of soil and cylinder that have a contact together as a slave and master surfaces, respectively. However, the simulation says, " fix time increment is too large ". I will be grateful if anyone here can help me with my simulation.

Many Thanks.

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by defining part 1 and part 2 in that manner you are restricting the analysis. You anticipate how the process progresses and what the final configuration should look like. The soil gets compressed, indented and portions of it will be dragged down as the penetration progresses. Let Abaqus rule and decide which soil volume element ends up where.

Keep in mind that the contact surfaces will be altered. Be generous in defining the slave and master surfaces.

The message stated by Abaqus on why your simulation crumbles is not specific to your problem.

------------------------------------------ Ruhr-University Bochum Germany

Hi Frank,

Thank you very much for your reply. As far as I know, I can just define interaction between soil and cylinder by selecting those surfaces area which are in contact together(soil and cylinder) and because of this I thought that I have to define the soil in two parts and put the cylinder in between them. However, I'll be so grateful if you could let me know how can I be generous in defining master and slave surfaces. I should mention that my aim of this simulation is "penetration cylinder into the soil". Thank you very much for your help in advance. 



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the friction coefficient and the mesh size in the soil will determine which portions of the soil will end up inside and outside of the cylinder. Contact can be an intricate task in Abaqus. Right from the top of my head I wouldn't know how to proceed. Check for theses on the internet with appropriate keywords.

Regarding the error message check your loading procedure (STATIC, I suppose) with the keywords manual. Start with a very slow time increment and let Abaqus pick time increments of growing magnitude.

Good luck



------------------------------------------ Ruhr-University Bochum Germany

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