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SOIL modeling

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Soil Structure Interaction

I am trying to model the soil churning action of a rotary tiller trough soil structure interaction. Based on some published articles, DEM and SPH approach both have been used to model the tool interaction with the soil. I am little confused in the selection of the appraoch. Can somebody throw some light on advantages and disadvantages of one approach over another and which approach should be chosen for more realistic results.

Soil Modeling


Please help in modeling the soil.

I  modelled soil as non linear springs in Abaqus?Standarads and analysed the pipe behavior for hydrodynamic loading.

I am currently planned to model the pipe-soil interaction with soil as an 2D or 3D element along with contact properties. Give me suggestion or methods how can i model soil.Suggested reading materials.I have gone through the abaqus documentation.It tell that soil can be modeled as 2D or 3D.I am really confused which one to use. 

Please give me some steps in creating soil and pipe model .


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