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The Industry First Compact Reverse Pulse Plating Controller for R&D Applications in MEMS and Nanotechnology

Laguna Beach, CA March 31, 2007 -- Kebaili Corporation a leading California based high-tech company announced today the release of the CPG-500 Series, the industry first compact current pulse generator, specifically designed for electrodeposition applications, such as (direct current) DC plating, pulse plating, and periodic reverse pulse plating for a variety of applications in MEMS and nanotechnology.

According to Dr. Mo Kebaili, Chief Technology Officer of Kebaili Corporation, commercially available reverse pulse plating systems and potentiostat/galvanostat are typically large and usually not optimized for cleanroom environments. The CPG-500 was ergonomically designed in a compact unit, and optimized for end-user applications in MEMS and nanotechnologies.

The CPG-500 power requirement is 100-240 V AC at 50-60 Hz, is microprocessor-controlled, is fully user programmable, and is self-contained with no need to connect to a PC. The CPG-500 is very user friendly, it can be programmed for DC plating, pulse plating, or reverse pulse plating.

CPG-500 can generate forward and reverse current pulses from 1 microamp to 350 milliamps, with a minimum pulse width of 1 msec. The compliance voltage is ± 10 Volts. The user can program 10 pulse waveforms and store the recipes in the CPG-500 internal non-volatile memory.

Kebaili CPG-500 offers impressive specifications, and is cost-effective for a wide range of research and development applications, and laboratory requirements, such as:

Reducing porosity and intrinsic stress, improving uniformity, increasing hardness and decreasing grain size of electroplated thin-films for physical, chemical, biological transducers and microsensors.

Silicon wafer through holes void free metallization of high aspect ratio microvias in microelectronic and microtechnology applications.

Metallic and alloy nanowires synthesis by electroplating through anodized aluminum templates in nanotechnology applications.

Micro-molds, micro-coils and metallic microstructures fabrication.

Electrodes fabrication for thin-film-based micro-batteries.

Micro-metallization in microfluidic devices and high aspect ratio micro-channel in biochip applications.

Platinum catalyst electrodeposition on polymeric exchange membrane (PEM) in micro fuel cell applications.

Microstructures fabrication for micro analytical instruments, and micro chemical plants.

Electrochemical deposition of bismuth telluride thin-films for micro-thermo electric cooling applications.

Electrodeposition of cobalt in anodized aluminum template as a precursor catalyst for carbon nanotubes synthesis by chemical vapor deposition (CVD).

For additional information about the CPG-500 Series, please call Kebaili Corporation at 949-494-5892, or visit

The CPG-500 Series is in production and is available now at:


About Kebaili Corporation

Kebaili Corporation designs, manufactures, and markets a full line of instruments based on its MEMS/NEMS sensor technologies. These instruments are used for research and development in industrial, medical, military, automotive, and consumer applications.

For more information please contact:

Dr. Mo Kebaili

Chief Technology Officer


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