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UMAT : Gurson-Tvergaard-Needleman model

I try to program the GTN model in a UMAT with isotropic hardening and anisotropic Hill yield criterion. I just want to know if someone has an example of UMAT dealing with the original GTN model (Von Mises criterion). This example would help me a lot in order to compare my code and perhaps to find my mistakes. 


I had seen that there is an existing thread called "sharing Abaqus UMAT and VUMAT subroutines" but I didn't find what I want in the discussion. I just saw that a GTN UMAT will probably not be given for free. I understand that it's precious but perhaps someone could give me a little help.


thanks in advance



Have  you finished your  UMAT  procedure  about GTN?I am also programing   the GTN model in a UMAT with  the kinematic  hardening .

Yes, my efforts have paid and my UMAT finally works... but it was difficult. Many attempts and doubts before the victory.

 I wish you the same result with kinematic hardening. I can give you some help if you want (and if I am capable of :-). If you have questions about mechanic or fortran programming, I'll try to answer. I would be interested in introducing kinematic hardening in my UMAT because I study metal sheets undergoing first tensile test and then bending test. So, your experience may be profitable.


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Hi Premalin,

Could you please send me the sample of UMAT code for the GTN model.I am new for UMAT, It will be greateful to beging my work .

Thanks in advance;



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