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Postdoc Position in Chile

The Superior Councils for Science and Technological Development of Chile will call for the FONDECYT Postdoctoral Grants Competition.

The available grants are for 2 or 3 years. The applicants must have obtained their Doctorate degrees between July 2009 and June 2012 (the exact dates will appear in the page of the agency later on).

The successful applicant who is awarded a grant is expected to have a full time commitment to his (her) research work. However, the project execution is compatible with other paid academic, research and/or extension activities that involve a commitment of up to 6 hours per week in the Sponsoring Institution. These positions will start in October of 2012.

The grant consist of a payment of around $36000US per year, up to $8000US for travel and general expenses (related with the research) and up to $3000US as initial expenses (for tickets and expenses for setting down in the country). As a reference, the rent for a two bedrooms apartment in Santiago costs around between $500US to $600US per month.

The interested person must contact a sponsoring researcher in a university in Chile, and with his (her) help to prepare the application for funding. The successful applicant will work with the sponsoring researcher but will also be able to develop his (her) own research in the sponsoring institution.

The online system for applications will be operative from April 10 and the deadline for the submission of the applications is May 15, 2012.

If there is a person interested in doing research in nonlinear elasticity and continuum mechanics with me as a sponsoring researcher, please feel free to contact me for further enquiries ( My recent research interests are on the developing of some new constitutive models for elastic bodies, nonlinear magneto-elasticity and also on the modelling of residual stresses in arteries. More information is available in my web page: 

For a list of my publications you can see:

More information about this grant will appear in this page (the main pdf documents about the application procedure will appear in English and Spanish):

The department of Mechanical Engineering of Universidad de Chile is a department with a small active group of researchers, who work in areas such as solid and fluid mechanics, heat transfer, material science and robotics. More information about the department can be found in the web page (in Spanish)

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