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Material Deposition and Element Activation Deactivation

I'm student working on welded Pipes.  I used DFLUX routine in
Abaqus/Standard. I need help regarding material deposition so that
element ahead to the heat source should be progressively deactived as
the torch moves and behind to the heat source should be continously
activated. I'm new user of abaqus. Kindly help me.

I'll be really thankful for your cooperation.


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Log on to

and search the archive for terms "welding" and "(moving) heat source". There is at least one posting from me. Also search for DFLUX.

Also search here this site, e.g.

Element deletion and activation are available in Abaqus Explicit using a state variable in combination with a subroutine. I am replying from home, cannot access the manual now. I don't know from the top of my head the command to activate this feature.


Respected Dr.
Thank you for your guidance.

I'm working in Abaqus/Standard (not Abaqus Explicit) and performing sequentially coupled analysis. Kindly guide me how i'll include deposition in my case.


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Seek more advice on



Thanks alot Dr. I'm working but If i feel any problem i'll consult you.


Thanks alot Dr. I'm working but if i face any problem i'll consult you.


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A different thread here suggested:

Use "ELEMENT DELETION" feature availble in  Abaqus/Explicit OR use "*MODEL CHANGE, REMOVE" option in Abaqus/Standard. See manual. 

also: *MODEL CHANGE, ADD exists

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