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Ares Rosakis, Chair of the Executive Committee of the Applied Mechanics Division, ASME

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Awards will be presented at the AMD Banquet, scheduled on Tuesday, 13 November 2012, during the ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition, to be held in Houston, Texas, 9-15 November 2012 at the Hilton Americas and the George R. Brown Convention Center.

 2012 Society Awards:

Timoshenko Medal - Subra Suresh, Director of National Science Foundation -  Subra received this award for pioneering contributions and visionary leadership in the field of mechanics of biological materials, and the development of novel experimental techniques and multi-scale models for living systems and infectious diseases, and global leadership in mechanics of medicine. 

Warner T. Koiter Medal - Erik van der Giessen, University of Groningen - Erik received this award for seminal contributions to the micromechanics of materials, particularly metals and polymers, advancing the understanding of deformation and failure mechanisms of engineering materials, and fostering international interactions and collaborations. 

Daniel C. Drucker Medal - James Dally, University of Maryland, Emeritus - James received this award for seminal contributions in the development of experimental methods for studying dynamic fracture mechanics and stress wave propagation problems, academic leadership and for developing innovative teaching materials and textbooks for undergraduate and graduate education. 

2012 Division Awards:

Thomas J. R. Hughes Young Investigator Award - Kenji Takizawa, Waseda University, Tokyo - Kenji received this award for making outstanding contributions to fluid-structure interaction modeling in the form of developing creative, accurate and diverse computational mechanics techniques, for bringing solutions to some of the most challenging fluid-structure interaction problems, and for helping with the design of the spacecraft parachutes for NASA's next generation space program. 

Thomas J. R. Hughes Young Investigator Award - Xi Chen, Columbia University - Xi received this award for his outstanding research achievements in new and interdisciplinary frontiers of applied mechanics, including novel energy conversion and harvesting mechanisms based on nanofluids, mechanics of natural and biological systems, mechanical self-assembly, and mechanics of nanomaterials and nanoindentation 

Thomas J. R. Hughes Young Investigator Award - Yuri Bazilevs, University of California, San Diego - Yuri received this award for his pioneering research in isogeometric analysis. His research is focused on modeling geometrically exact methods in computational mechanics, fluid-solid interaction, vascular blood flow, turbulence modeling and computation, the mathematics of finite elements and isogeometric analysis, and large-scale, high performance parallel computing 

Ted Belytschko Applied Mechanics Award - David J. Benson, University of California, San Diego - David received this award for making fundamental contributions to methods in computational mechanics and applying them to problems in solid mechanics, primarily at the micromechanical level. 

Thomas K. Caughey Dynamics Award - Francis Charles Moon, Cornell University, Emeritus - Francis received this award for his seminal contributions in nonlinear dynamics, including demonstrations of theoretical ideas through physical experiments, and dissemination of these ideas in a tractable way to engineers and scientists through his papers, presentations and textbooks.Further award descriptions are given at


Congratulations to Prof. Subra Suresh.

A bit unexpected, and some (including me in my bad mood) may say: politically motivated, by the Obama administration. ... I will explain this part later on, preferably to Prof. Suresh, if we ever happen to meet in person---not at all likely, not even at IIT Madras. But, knowing the work he did until 1993, I think, he would anyway have been one of the strong contenders for the valued prize, though, frankly, I wouldn't have expected him to actually win it (and that's nothing to do with the country of his origin (and, I could say the same for many other prize winners, as well)). ... Anyway, coming back to Prof. Suresh, that *seems* like a good going in life, as far as I am concerned, for a metallurgist graduated by the IIT Madras (though his being a rather a present-day-West-valued JPBTI, not a mere MTech, IIT Madras happens to be an alma mater which, as far as he is concerned, I am sure, he mostly only unfortunately shares with me---and, as far as I am concerned, the centiment isn't even being considered for reciprocation or otherwise).

But, anyway, an achievement is an achievement, and, even at 50, with my guide (and a lot of close relatives) dead, I am inclined not to be too cynical. Only, more open minded, now that an Indian guy has won it, rather than a white Western or a Chinese etc. guy. (Sorry, Zhingag, but, sometimes, I *can* be rather blunt. One recepie to more easily get me to that state is to push me over to joblessness and moneylessness for months, to push me into everything that follows.)

And, I am not sure if it was Prof. Dally or Prof. Riley to whom I wrote in 1993. Anyway, to cut a long story short, I have a photoelasticy photograph of the stress concentration near the crack tip, personally awarded to me, after receiving full knowledge of my having been failed in the PhD qualifiers in an American university, and sent to me right in mid-1993, by one of them. (I had looked up the author affiliation in the famous text, and written them a hand-written letter. The reply, too, was hand-written---accompanied by that photograph, which I still have and treasure, though I have lost the letter by now, just like me---it's the thought counts. But, anyway, I am sure neither of the Professors would mind it very much if I now congratulate Prof. Dally.)

Sincerely, and as an ongoingly curious student (or onlooker) of applied mechanics, though now getting more into CFD than in computational solid mechanics:


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