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Laboratory Technician job at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in Saudi Arabia

Laboratory Technician
KAUST (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology)

The Division of Physical Sciences and Engineering at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) invites applications for an Engineer at the Composite and Heterogeneous Material Analysis and Simulation Laboratory (COHMAS). The laboratory technician will be in charge of supporting the experimental activities of the team. His duties will include:

• maintaining the experimental park to keep it highly operational
• ensuring the development of the experimental park by identifying possible new equipment, setting up the new equipment
• training the students and researchers on using the equipment
• supporting researchers in the operation of these equipment, and by performing related experimental campaign in collaboration with the lab staff

The laboratory technician will be fully responsible for training the staff, supporting the operations and maintaining the following equipment: hot press for composite processing, strain gage measurement systems, acoustic emission systems, electromechanical Universal Testing Device, Infrared cameras, grinding and cutting systems, electro spinning systems, tomograph. An overview of the current equipment can be found at:

A suitable candidate is a highly motivated young engineer, a masters holder or a young PhD student with a few years of experience. He should have a good technical background and some previous extensive experience on some of the systems mentioned above. Also, he should prove a high level of motivation and autonomy. An ideal candidate would have experimental experience in mechanical testing of carbon fiber based composites and standards related procedures.

Initial period of one year, renewable annually. The position will remain open until filled, but the candidate is expected to join the team as soon as possible.

Competitive allowance based depending on experience. No tax paid to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The successful candidate will enjoy a generous benefit package including medical/dental insurance, paid airfare (at start and end of contract) and outstanding recreational facilities.

Application Requirements
Application requirements are as below:
1. Detailed CV including professional experience, academic training, publications, computational skills and experiences, architectures, foreign languages.
2. Short statement of previous work including details of experience with technical systems and standards (no more than one A4 page).
3. Three professional reference letters.

Interested applicants should send their complete application packets to:

COHMAS administrator
Ros Harvey

Please copy (cc:) all applications to:

Dr. Gilles Lubineau (
Please use as subject for your email: Application - Laboratory Technician

About KAUST and the COHMAS laboratory
The Composite and Heterogeneous Material Analysis and Simulation Laboratory (COHMAS) is located at the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology and forms part of the Physical Science and Engineering Division. COHMAS develops and validates techniques to achieve the better design of composite materials based structures. Our general research activities cover:

• Multiscale damage modeling in composites: micromechanics, mesoscale damage mechanics for structural application, molecular mechanics, homogenization
• Computational strategies for multimodel problems: gluing techniques between models at different scales
• Inverse problems for the identification of material parameters based on full-fields measurements and computed tomography
• Mechanics of multiscale reinforced composites: nanoreinforced materials, carbon nanotubes, carbon nanofibers
• Aging and degradation of composite structures submitted to severe environmental conditions

Every project we undertake seeks to develop an integrated approach to material analysis including advanced experimental characterization, advanced modeling and simulation.

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) is an international, graduate-level research university located on the Red Sea in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Dedicated to inspiring a new age of scientific achievement that will benefit the region and the world, KAUST will exemplify the future of world-class research. It is the vibrant home to an international community of students, faculty and staff, researchers, and families, situated in a unique Red Sea coastal location near Thuwal, 80 kilometers (50 miles) north of Jeddah – Saudi Arabia’s second largest city.

The total area of the self-contained community spans more than 36 million square meters, including a unique coral reef ecosystem that the University will preserve as a marine sanctuary. At opening, KAUST will house the Shaheen Supercomputer, a 16-rack IBM Blue Gene/P System, equipped with 4 gigabytes of memory per node and capable of 222 teraflops — or 222 trillion floating-point-operations — per second, making KAUST’s campus in Thuwal the site of one of the world’s fastest supercomputers. KAUST will also be connected directly into the worldwide research networks, running 10 Gbps directly to networks such as Internet2 & GEANT2. The infrastructure is designed with future IT requirements and developments in mind, including installation of 100,000 Ethernet ports and 500 kilometers of cables, with abundant dark fiber ready to be activated when needed.

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