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Topic 1

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Topic 1: Rank top ten severe accidents in energy

of Mexico:

The accident
was caused by gas release and subsequent explosion. There were 11 people died.
The accident involved a well integrity failure followed by a loss of
hydrostatic control of the well. BOP emergency functions failed to seal the
well after the initial explosions.

Daiichi nuclear disaster:

failures, nuclear meltdowns, releases of radioactive materials and gas. Caused
by a major earthquake followed by a 15 meter tsunami which caused severe damage
at the reactors and the cooling systems of the station.

piper Alpha disaster:

There were
three major explosions of the oil rig. what causes the disaster was a
pressurization pump which was used without a safety valve in place. 167 people

ranger oil rig accident

The rig’s
ballast room began taking on water due to a broken window. All 84 crew members
were perished and the rig fell into the ocean.

crest drillship disaster

Drillship sea
crest caught in a typhoon and capsized. 91 people lost.

de janeiro offshore rig sank

Caused by
rough seas the oil rig has tipped sideways and then sank. 6000 liters of oil
spill into the ocean. Three explosions ripped the rig off. 10 people killed.

Banqiao reservoir dam

The initial
project was the control of the flow and electrical power generation. The design
standards were lower than usual because of the absence of the hydrology data.
Due to construction and engineering errors a big flood killed 170000 people and
another 11 million lost their homes.

mile island accident

A partial
nuclear meltdown power which result in the release of small amounts of
radioactive gas and iodine into the environment. The accident started with
failures in the non-nuclear secondary system followed by a stuck-open
pilot-operated relief valve in the primary system which allowed nuclear reactor
coolant to escape. 150000 liters of nuclear of waste fell into river and 140000
people evacuated the area.


Juanica disaster

Series of
massive explosions at a liquid petroleum gas tank. 500-600 people died another
7000 were suffered severe burns. What caused the accident was a gas leak from a
pipe rupture the facility’s waste-gas flare pit.

10.  Chernobyl disaster

nuclear accident. Caused because the reactor four suffered a catastrophic power
increase, during system test, leading to explosions in its core. Large quantities
of radioactive fuel and core materials escape into the atmosphere.

All of the
accidents have been punished with fines and a lot of actions depending on the
law. But no law can’t restore the environmental damage or bring back the life
of thousands of people who died working in these accidents.

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