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Two PhD positions in computational modeling of materials behavior in extreme environments

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Two Graduate Research Assistantship
positions are currently available
in the Multiscale Materials Modeling
Group to support graduate study leading to a PhD in Materials Science
and Engineering at the University of Connecticut starting Spring/Fall 2013.

The focus of the projects will be in the area of materials behavior in extreme environments (shock
loading, high strain rates, corrosion, radiation damage, etc.) using
materials modeling methods across multiple scales
(atomic-to-meso).Students will gain experience in the application of
atomic scale modeling methods (molecular dynamics,Monte Carlo, density
functioal theory, etc.) as well as development of multiscale modeling
methods (concurrent, heirarchical) in these programs.

A strong background in materials
science, mechanical engineering, physics, or a related discipline is
required. Previous experience with computational research is not
necessary, but strong motivation, sincere interest and creativity in
scientific research is required.

Interested students should email their CV to Prof. Dongare at dongare(at)


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Hello Prof. Dongare,

My reply is not related to your post but still I would like to write here, because of your expertise in the same domain.

Some of the points I would like to know is,

1. what are the limitations of FEM, Why we cannot use FEM instead of MD code for Atomistic simulation. Many researchers have used FEM to simulate carbon nanotube and other nano-composite using the concept of RVE then why we are looking for the multiscale simulation.

2. Can we use RVE (Representative Volume Element) for Dynamic Simulation of nano-composite like we use it for static condition. If, anyone can find any reference specially for RVE in Dynamic simulation, please post the comment or link to this threat.

I know some of the limitation of FEM for MD simulation, specially quoted by Prof Wing Kam Liu in his book and his review paper, but still I look forward to get more information on this.


Is it ok for undergraduate students to apply to your PhD program?

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