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I'm using Abaqus in analysis of random vibration fatigue. I linked abaqus with fe-safe to calculate the fatigue life. Fe-safe didn't recognize the random load comming from Abaqus correctly, althghou it already recognize the cyclic(normal) load crrectly in one of the tutorial's attached example.

Do any body know how to solve this issue? 


 Currently, fe-safe does not support general fatigue analysis from random vibration loading.
It only supports cases where the structure is assumed to be rigid. The user can enter a PSD of the loading in
one direction along with a FEA solution of a unit load in that direction. Then, fe-safe can extract cycle ranges
out of the input PSD using Dirlik’s method, and scale the stresses by the cycle
ranges and compute fatigue damage.

Safe Technology is currently working on
implmenting new methods for fatigue from PSD.
The first of these algorithms is expected to be available by the end of
Q1 of 2013. This will include
interfacing with Ansys and Abaqus. The
fatigue calculations will allow single and multiple channel inputs and will use
the Mises criteria as a damage parameter.
Later in the year, a much more sofisticated version using stress component PSD’s and critical plane search will be

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