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defining residual stresses, ABAQUS subroutines SIGINI/HARDINI

Dear all,


My problem:

I have successfuly performed quasi-static analyses on cold-formed steel beams modelled with shell elements using ABAQUS/Explicit. The formulation includes contact definitions between the beam and two rigid R3D4 plates which represent the load and support bearing plates, thus acting as the boundary condition. However, I am now trying to define the initial residual stresses on the beam due to cold-forming, and I figured using the SIGINI/HARDINI subroutines would be the way to go, since my residual stresses are not uniform. However, I am aware that these subroutines are not available on ABAQUS/Explicit.


My questions:

(i) is it possible to define the HARDINI/SIGINI subroutines and run them on an initial static step, and then using the dynamic/explicit approach afterwards?

(ii) how exactly does one define the stress value on a section point (KSPT): say, as an example, I want to define the SIGMA(1) component. If I define it as an array with 20 values, does it assume KSPT to be equal to 20?

(iii) how do the subroutines affect the rigid plates? Should I run the *INITIAL CONDITIONS and *STATIC step before defining the rigid plates and contact? In such case, do I need additional boundary conditions for this step? 


Hope someone out there might have some answers for me !! Thanks in advance for your attention.


Best regards,




My problem is also approx same, i modeled 2D beam with plate and simulated welding using Abaqus so now i have a 2D coverplated beam cross-section with residual stress distribution and now i want to use this residual stress data in my 3D beam so that i can find load carring capacity.

so do you have any idea how can i use my 2D residual stress result for whole lenght of beam ??

and what kind of intraction i can use for bearing plate at loading point and support?? and why rigid?actual plate won't be rigid so can i use deformable body but i'm not sure about interaction of this with beam.

so if anyone have any idea, i'll be very great full for your suggestion.


How did you define contact between beam and shell, Did you use coupling

Can you please explain me how to run and use SIGINI subroutine

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