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reading nodal values (EFENRRTR) into a UMAT routine


I am using the VCCT method to model crack propagation and I am finding the value of G/Gc is too large for any sensible time step (1e-25).

I am attempting to incorporate a time incrementation scheme into my UMAT which monitors EFENRRTR and modifies the time step (or PNEWDT) according to it's value.

I was attempting to incorporate EFENRRTR by the GETVRM or GETVRN command however I assume it is not a integration point or nodal value and abaqus gives me the error "OUTPUT REQUEST EFENRRTR IS NOT AVAILABLE FOR THIS OPTION" for the GETVRM command and I am failing to get the GETVRN command to work.

Has anyone got any experience with this, the documentation is not too helpful and I cannot find anything online.


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