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VUHARD for material subroutine and abaqus 6.13.1 requirements

Hi all,

I am new at subroutine and abaqus requirements and its compatibility. I am trying to use a subroutine VUHARD for the material modeling of polycrystalline material under shock loading. I am not sure if I can use VUHARD because of my lack of experience in subroutines. I have couple of questions listed below and I would really appreciate if anyone can give me a insight in this subject.

1) Can I use visco-plastic formulation (rate- dependent) in VUHARD?

Questions about UEL

Hi everybody,

I have a UEL for truss element (T3D2). I'm calling and reading some .dat files inside of the UEL. I'm just reading these files inside of the UEL without doing anything to them or with them (It's just a test case). Here is an example:


      OPEN(101, file="C:\Users\ak1070\Desktop\UMAT-UEL-UELMAT\UEL TEST\V1.dat", status='old',form='formatted',&
      READ(101,*) AEVectors(1,:)      




reading nodal values (EFENRRTR) into a UMAT routine


I am using the VCCT method to model crack propagation and I am finding the value of G/Gc is too large for any sensible time step (1e-25).

I am attempting to incorporate a time incrementation scheme into my UMAT which monitors EFENRRTR and modifies the time step (or PNEWDT) according to it's value.

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Why use subroutine in abaqus ?

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Dear All,


I am very new to Abaqus. I only know little about pre-processing and post-processing approach.


I often heard about the using subroutine in Abaqus. Why should we use subroutines in Abaqus ?



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