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How to pass the plastic strain components to ABAQUS subroutines?

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Is there any way to pass the plastic strain components to ABAQUS subroutines, e.g. VUHARD? I'm wondering whether I could write a subroutine to calculate the equivalent plastic strain directly from plastic strain components. 

I'm working on a dynamic simulation using ABAQUS/Explicit. The material is under a high-frequency loading and unloading, and large deformation is expected. 

ABAQUS calculate the equivalent plastic strain in the rate form, which returned me an outrageous PEEQ value. Ironically, all the PE components seem correct.  

VUHARD for material subroutine and abaqus 6.13.1 requirements

Hi all,

I am new at subroutine and abaqus requirements and its compatibility. I am trying to use a subroutine VUHARD for the material modeling of polycrystalline material under shock loading. I am not sure if I can use VUHARD because of my lack of experience in subroutines. I have couple of questions listed below and I would really appreciate if anyone can give me a insight in this subject.

1) Can I use visco-plastic formulation (rate- dependent) in VUHARD?



I works with subroutins in ABAQUS.

I  have written a vuhard subroutin and I have some problems.

who  does work with this subroutin that can help me?


With regards


ABAQUS VUHARD subroutine problem


I am working on the simulation of ring rolling. I have written the subroutine for the plasticity part in the subroutine VUHARD and have set the PLASTIC part in material definition to USER.
I dont have HARDENING PROPERTIES so i have set it BLANK. i have set the path of the subroutine in the job defintion part too. But abaqus crashes whenever i try to do DATA CHECK
It says ABAQUS KERNEL EXITED WITH AN ERROR.I dont know why this problem arises?. I am stuck.

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