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Abaqus 6.13-1

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Interface Crack Propagation in Abaqus, using Cohesive Interaction



I am trying to model interface crack propagation in Abaqus using Cohesive Interaction (default module in Abaqus). My model consists of two rectangular domains attached to each other by the longer edge. I am defining two surfaces on each of these domains and defining traction separation laws for these surfaces. There is a small portion in the middle for which I am not defining any traction separation law (thereby making it my notch). I am then applying displacement controlled loading on the remaining two longer edges. I am having two set of problems:


VUHARD for material subroutine and abaqus 6.13.1 requirements

Hi all,

I am new at subroutine and abaqus requirements and its compatibility. I am trying to use a subroutine VUHARD for the material modeling of polycrystalline material under shock loading. I am not sure if I can use VUHARD because of my lack of experience in subroutines. I have couple of questions listed below and I would really appreciate if anyone can give me a insight in this subject.

1) Can I use visco-plastic formulation (rate- dependent) in VUHARD?

Abaqus 6.13-1 compatible software

Does anybody know which version of Intel visual Fortran and Microsoft Visual Studio are compatible with Abaqus 6.13-1? Thanks for your help.

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