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Storing Abaqus sensor values


I have a sensor in VUAMP subroutine to measure the diameter of a ring. I want to compare the current value with the sensor value 10 seconds ago.

Is there a way to store the sensor values and retrieve them in abaqus?





Finding a node by using the coordinates

I am failry new to Abaqus. I am working on Abaqus CAE. I want to find the nodal temperature ouput for a particular location.

I know the location(X;Y;Z) values but i dont know the node label. How to do i identify the node in CAE?

ABAQUS VUHARD subroutine problem


I am working on the simulation of ring rolling. I have written the subroutine for the plasticity part in the subroutine VUHARD and have set the PLASTIC part in material definition to USER.
I dont have HARDENING PROPERTIES so i have set it BLANK. i have set the path of the subroutine in the job defintion part too. But abaqus crashes whenever i try to do DATA CHECK
It says ABAQUS KERNEL EXITED WITH AN ERROR.I dont know why this problem arises?. I am stuck.

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