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These notes may serve as a reminder of tensor algebra.  The notes supplement the course on advanced elasticity.  Several books are listed at the end of the notes.

Update on 17 April.  I am now breaking up the notes on tensors, cleaning them up, and posting them as sections on linear algebra.

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Dear Prof. Suo,

I read with very interest Your notes on Tensors (after finish reading Your notes on Vectors). A pity that I didn't see Your explanation on Tensors in this note. As You already explained that You break up this notes to seperate topics.

Looking forward to Your further updates on the breaking-up version of the the notes on Tensors.

Thank you very much for all the Notes you posted, and looking forward for new ones.

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Thank you for your kind words.  I have described the algebra of tensors in my notes on finite deformation.  The basic idea is that all tensors come from linear maps between vectors.  For example, stress is a linear map from the area vector to force.

Thank you very much for the information, great it's aready available! I will read the note with care. Thanks!

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