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Spring 2013

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These notes may serve as a reminder of tensor algebra.  The notes supplement the course on advanced elasticity.  Several books are listed at the end of the notes.

Update on 17 April.  I am now breaking up the notes on tensors, cleaning them up, and posting them as sections on linear algebra.

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Elasticity of rubber-like materials

In the notes on the general theory of finite deformation, we have left the free energy function unspecified. The notes here describe free energy function commonly used to describe the elasticity of rubber-like materials.  These notes are part of a course on advanced elasticity

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Finite Deformation: Special Cases

The notes on finite deformation have been divided into two parts: special cases and general theory (node/538). In class I start with special cases, and then sketch the general theory. But the two parts can be read in any order.

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