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discrete finite element method

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i wish to model a one dimensional impact analysis using discrete finite element method.please give your sugestions

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R. Chennamsetti, Scientist, India

Hi Rajesh,

You may refe the book "The Combined Finite-Discrete Element Method by Ante Munjiza". I think this is available in our central library.

Best wishes.

Is there a particular reason you are using a combined FEM/DEM approach rather than a strict FEM approach? FEM/DEM approaches work well for multi-body problems but are generally expensive otherwise. It might be helpful to know what specific type of research you are trying to accomplish.

If you are set on developing your own method, I would agree completely with Rajesh's suggestion: Ante Munjiza's book is quite exhaustive on the subject. Otherwise, you may consider acquiring a license for one of the Itasca codes or for ELFIN.

As I am very curious to learn this discrete finite element method. So does anyone know any available online lecture notes or some basic background books to start with as I saw this suggested book but it seems ,  I need to start with some basics of this method

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As I know, P.A Cundall is the first person who used Discrete Element Method (DEM) in granular problem, perhaps you can find some more basic information from his paper:

P.A. Cundall, O.D.L. Strack, A discrete numerical model for granular assemblies. Geotechnique, 29:47–65, 1979.

I even cannot get this paper, but i can find some others using the idea from that paper. I hope we can discuss more about this problem, if you are still in interested

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