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uniaxial compression of metals: data compilation

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Dear Group,

I am looking for a compilation of data of the uniaxial compression test of metals at high temperature.

This type of test is commonly used to extract parameters for the equation
strain rate = function of stress (peak stress or steady state flow stress) and temperature
among them the activation energy for flow

I'd need, independently:

1) measured data in graphical form that I can digitize and analyze like measured data. These data should cover a large range of temperature and strain rate (and thus stress). There should be considerably more measured curves depicted as is commonly done in journal publications.
The type of metal is not critical to me.

Is anyone aware of a publication depicting a large number of measured curves ?

2) a compilation of the fitting parameters in these equations, for diverse metals. It is not mandatory that this compilation includes the material from 1)

Thank you all for your kind assistance.



Please take a look at "Hot Working Guide: A Compedium of Processing Maps" by Y.V.R.K. Prasad. It might be useful.

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