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uniaxial compression

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uniaxial compression of metals: data compilation


Dear Group,

I am looking for a compilation of data of the uniaxial compression test of metals at high temperature.

This type of test is commonly used to extract parameters for the equation
strain rate = function of stress (peak stress or steady state flow stress) and temperature
among them the activation energy for flow

I'd need, independently:

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Uniaxial compression of heterogeneous/cellular material (bone)


Dear colleagues,

I kindly ask for advice on the following problem:

I simulate the uniaxial compression of a heterogeneous cylinder representing bone. Thus, it is not the visible solid exterior rim of the bone, but represents a porous structure within the bone, so-called trabecular bone, see the figure underneath.

The simulation is done in ABAQUS. The sample contains 164175 elements of type C3D4. The heterogeneous, porous structure makes it impossible to use axisymmmetric elements. The constitutive behavior is ELASTIC.

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Periodic Boundary Conditions for uniaxial compression

Dear All,

I am trying to simulate mechanical behaviour of a concrete unit cell for uniaxial compression laoding. I have apllied periodic bounadary conditions on both lateral edges using linear equation option available in ABAQUS where as on top and bottom edges load is apllied. Deformed structure shows there is no lateral deformation and unit cell behaves as if it is confined laterally on both sides. I am confused about my boundary conditions whether they are correct or not. 

 Equation used to aplly periodic bounadary condition are

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