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unit cell

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Unit cell modeling using Abaqus submodeling


I was going though papers related to micromechanical modeling of composites using unit cell approach. Usually in this procedure, a unit cell is isolated from the material and to ensure the compatabilty of the unit cell boundary, periodic boundary conditions are applied.

To ensure the compatabilty of the boundary and to apply loads, can we use submodeling techniques available in ABAQUS.

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If periodic boundary conditions do not respect stress continuity at the boundary....

Hi everybody,

have you ever tried to implement in Abaqus periodic boundary conditions?

I am doing this. Particularly, I am applying PBC to unit cells constituted of a clay particle in an epoxy matrix.

When I apply PBC in case of transverse shear, I have convergence problems using Abaqus standard,

so I have to use an algorithm of stabilization but because of this one

I have to renounce to the stress continuity between opposite boundaries of the unit cell.

Do you think this is normal or I am doing some mistakes?

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Unit cell model


I have modeled a two phase unit cell with one inclusion in a soft matrix. I have applied appropriate periodic boundary conditions. Load is applied a displacement. I have solved the problem using FEA through ABAQUS. Now I want macroscopic stress-strain response of the material.

What I have done is, taken the Reaction force and divided it by the area and similary displacement and didvided by length, will this give me the stress-strain response or do I have to use some homogenisation methods.

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Periodic Boundary Conditions for uniaxial compression

Dear All,

I am trying to simulate mechanical behaviour of a concrete unit cell for uniaxial compression laoding. I have apllied periodic bounadary conditions on both lateral edges using linear equation option available in ABAQUS where as on top and bottom edges load is apllied. Deformed structure shows there is no lateral deformation and unit cell behaves as if it is confined laterally on both sides. I am confused about my boundary conditions whether they are correct or not. 

 Equation used to aplly periodic bounadary condition are

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Periodic boundary conditions

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Hi everybody,

                 I want to know about Periodic boundary condition applied on a unit cell model

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