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Unit cell model

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I have modeled a two phase unit cell with one inclusion in a soft matrix. I have applied appropriate periodic boundary conditions. Load is applied a displacement. I have solved the problem using FEA through ABAQUS. Now I want macroscopic stress-strain response of the material.

What I have done is, taken the Reaction force and divided it by the area and similary displacement and didvided by length, will this give me the stress-strain response or do I have to use some homogenisation methods.

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Hi Gouse,

You have to use homogenization to compute the macroscopic homogenized stress-strain relation from unit cell computations. The procedure is given in details in the works of Kounetzsova, Eindhoven University of Technology that can be easily found by googling. Briefly, the procedure is that, for a given macroscopic strain epsilon_M, the prescribed boundary displacements imposed on three corner nodes x_I of the unit cell are given by epsilon_M \cdot x_I. Periodic boundary conditions are imposed for opposite edges. Then the unit cell problem is solved. The converged linear system of the unit cell reads K fu = d f. This can be condensed to K* du* = d f* (1) for the dofs of the three corner nodes on which the prescribed displacements have been imposed. Using averaing theorem, you can write

macroscopic stress = inverse of unit cell area * integration of micro stress over unit cell domain

                           = inverse of unit cell area * sum_{i}^{3} f_i \otimes x_i

Then, the variation of macroscopic stress is given by

d sigma_M =  inverse of unit cell area * sum_{i}^{3} d f_i \otimes x_i

                = inverse of unit cell area * sum_{i}^{3} K* d u*_i \otimes x_i ( (1) used)

                = inverse of unit cell area * sum_{i}^{3} K* \cdot (d epsilon_M) \cdot x_i \otimes x_i ( (1) used)

From which you can compute the macroscopic tangent.

Hope that it helped. If you need further help, just ask :-)

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Hi nguyen,

First thanks a lot for your reply, I have got Kouznetsova's paper, I am trying to understand properly.

I've found the three part review by Hassini and Hinton quite helpful.

 Here's a link to one of them:


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Hi Nachiket

I have got your reffered paper, it contains very good information regarding my problem and it will be very useful for me.

Thank You



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