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Micromechanical modeling

micro mechanic modeling of RVE in abaqus

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Hello All,


Comparing experimental fracture properties and micromechanical (or global-local/multiscale) finite element simulations

I am interested in developing a global-local finite element model (micro/macro) to simulate flexural testing of a composite material. Flexural loading will be applied on global model (macro) and crack propagation will be simulated in the local model (micro). I want to compare stress intensity factor or any other fracture property obtained from local model (micro) with that of experimental results.

I would appreciate if anyone could suggest some references/literature in this area. Any kind of suggestions would be great!


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Unit cell modeling using Abaqus submodeling


I was going though papers related to micromechanical modeling of composites using unit cell approach. Usually in this procedure, a unit cell is isolated from the material and to ensure the compatabilty of the unit cell boundary, periodic boundary conditions are applied.

To ensure the compatabilty of the boundary and to apply loads, can we use submodeling techniques available in ABAQUS.

Thank you



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