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ICMoBT 2013 - Call for Papers - Deadline 31 May 2013

5th International Conference on Mechanics of Biomaterials and Tissues (ICMoBT 2013) - Sitges, Spain 8-12 December 2013. To submit your papers, go to

Topics include:
-Hard tissues and materials (e.g. bone, teeth, mineralized biomaterials such as armors)
-Soft tissues and materials (e.g. cartilage, tendon, silk, elastin, organs)
-Natural, biologically inspired and biomimetic materials (including biomimicking materials)
-Metals and ceramics as biomaterials
-Mechanobiology (development, physiology and disease)
-Regenerative medicine and tissue engineering
-Multiscale modelling and simulation of tissue mechanical properties (e.g. ab initio approaches, molecular dynamics, coarse-graining, finite element modeling, fluid-structure interactions)
-Multiscale experimental characterization of tissue mechanical properties (e.g. AFM, TEM, nanoindentation, optical tweezers, x-ray diffraction, in situ methods)
-Hierarchical polymer materials and composites (e.g. dental ceramics and fibre-reinforced composites)
-Self-assembly of biological and biomaterials (e.g. peptides, DNA, polymers, nanoparticles, hierarchical structures)
-Tribology, friction and wear as well as fatigue
-Materials failure in physiologically extreme conditions and disease (e.g. infectious disease, cancer, cardiovascular disease)

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