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how to see temperature difference?

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I am suffering a lot for my heat transfer problem of quenching in research, in which I have to model a solid and quench it by pressurized fluid. Somebody told that you at first have to do the thermal analysis and define the film then you will get an output of temperature time profile and put tthat as input in the second step to find the structural diformation. What I understand so far, I went to the interaction module of the solid and created two interactions. one is to select the surface and in another I assigned a random heat transfer coefficient of 100 for the whole surface. Then I defined a predefined field for the solid as 900 degree C and run it. But after running some time, I could not see the temperature difference for the solid body at all, all it shows is the single blue colour. Can any body tell me is there any error in that? I tried in abaqus  benchmarc manual of 1.6.4 but did not help me too much. Any kind of help will be greatly appreciated.



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