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1st International IEEE Workshop on Metrology for Aerospace. Benevento, Italy, May, 29-30, 2014.

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Dear Colleagues and Friends,

We are pleased to invite you to contribute to the 1st International IEEE Workshop on Metrology for Aerospace. 

The event is co-technical sponsored by two IEEE Societies, AESS and IMS. 
The event includes but is not limited to new technology for metrology-assisted production in aerospace industry, aircraft component measurement, sensors and associated signal conditioning for aerospace, calibration methods for electronic test and measurement for aerospace.

The Workshop will be held in Benevento, Italy, May, 29-30, 2014
The program is designed to raise the interest of a wide group of researchers, operators and decision-makers from metrology and aerospace fields, by presenting the most innovative solutions in this field from the scientific and technological point of view.

Besides the Workshop, participants will enjoy staying in the historical city of Benevento with different touristic tours available each day and the opportunity to extend their visit spending also the weekend in Benevento and Campania Region.
Since June 25th 2011, Benevento, due to the Santa Sofia's Church with its Cloister and the buffer zone hosting several other outstanding samples of Longobard legacy, has been part of UNESCO World Heritage Sites as "Longobards in Italy. Places of the power (568-774 A.D.)".
MetroAeroSpace will be a valuable, enriching and unique event, and an excellent opportunity to meet and socialize with colleagues coming from all over the world.

Important deadlines:
- Submission of a paper abstract by March 9, 2014. 
- Notification about paper acceptance by April 12, 2014. 
- Submission of camera ready paper by May 10, 2014. 

Accepted and presented papers will be published in the IEEEXplore database.
Special Sessions are already organized on;

- Special Session on Mechanical and Thermal Measurements for Aerospace;
- Special Session on Thermal noise and extreme metrology;
- Special Session on Measurement and evaluation of Reliability and Safety in Aerospace Applications;
- Special Session on SDR for on-board and ground-based Space Applications and Metrology;
- Special Session on Photonic sensors for Aerospace.

More information may be retrieved from the attached call for papers, and by visiting the IEEE Workshop on Metrology for Aerospace website:

We hope to be able to count you among the MetroAeroSpace Workshop participants.

PS. There is also a list of Special Sessions, please propose your own if you wish

Attached you find the announcement.


Prof. Pasquale Daponte, Dr. h.c.
President of IMEKO
IEEE Fellow Member
Rector's Delegate for Post-Degree Programmes
University of Sannio
Department of Engineering
P.zzo Bosco-Lucarelli
Piazza Roma
82100 Benevento, Italy
Ph: 0039 0824 305817
Fax: 0039 0824 305840
Mob.: 0039 346 080 31 98
UNISANNIO Mob.: 345 79 02 240  


Marina Ruggieri
Pasquale Daponte

General Co-Chairs


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Mike Ciavarella's picture

Dear Colleagues,

Prof. Mike Ciavarella and I are pleased to invite you within the 1st IEEE International Workshop on Metrology for AeroSpace to the Special Session on the Topic: 
Reliability and fatigue of aeronautical components and materials.

Prof.M.Ciavarella, from Politecnico di Bari (Email: , Link: is keen to co-organize this special session even with 1 or 2 collegues, who could volounteer to such task. Further agreements with societies and international journals are being discussed for the special event.


In the following a short description of the Special Session topic: 

Aeronautical components and materials are crucially tested and measured for reliability. Although reliability goals are well known, there is no standard certification program today which permits to design and test for given reliability, and testing and design proceed by consolidating "design rules" and certification tests which are sometimes 80 years old (take for example the static testing of the full structure). Progress is fundamental to understand how issues of metrology, validation of models and simulations so that if not "virtual certification", at least the cost of certification, and the methods of design are closer to reliability goals. Special emphasys will be on fatigue of materials, and in particular composite materials. Huge progress will also signify huge savings and much faster development of the new generation of aircrafts.  Progress in metrology will also help reducing costs.


Other info may be retrieved from the attached call for papers, and by visiting the IEEE Workshop on Metrology for Aerospace, and   

Thank you in advance for your kind cooperation.

Prof. Pasquale Daponte

General co-chair  


Michele Ciavarella, Politecnico di BARI - Italy, Rector's delegate.

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