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Rotational Abaqus Direct Cyclic Boundary Condition


I am attempting to model the rotation of a cylindrical bar using Abaqus 6.12 coupled with the direct cylic approach. In my model I have one end of the beam fixed while the other has a kinematic coupling constraint to a reference point that has an applied rotation of 0.1 rad.

I am applying a tabular amplitude within the direct cylic step such that the reference point rotates from 0.0 radians up to 0.1 radians and back down to 0.0 radians. This however is not the result I find when I view the model in the .odb file. The magnitdue of the rotation continues to increase at the free end from 1.3 radians to 1.6.  Why would this result happen if I have already defined the rotation of the free end?

Any suggestions is greatly appreciated. 



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