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[Abaqus user] how to apply a random field of material properties into a model?


 I have a 100x100 4-node plane strain problem. I need to apply different values of Young's modulus for each element in this model. The data of E for each element is created by  some random methods and contained in a text file.

How can I deal with this problem?




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1. Define independent material properties for each element.

Say you have 100X100 elements, you need to define 100X100 materials.  However, this method can not identify the material differences between integral points within an element.  In other words, the material property is assumed to be a constant within the element and to vary between elements.

2. Write your UMAT.

With this method, you can easily implement your material property variations as a function of coordinates of the integral point within your UMAT.  Then you need only ONE  material property definition.  Furthermore, you are very flexible to study different models.

If you are serious in the study and really want to do something and make your contribution, I strongly suggest you to prepare a UMAT first. It will help you through the remaining time during your research, although it takes more efforts and time at the begining.

If you are coping with a professor who assigns you the job without any knowledge of ABAQUS himeself and you are not really interested in the topic, please use method 1.  You can easily get started and show your professor the results he eagerly wants from you.




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