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Sample Open Source Publication

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As a sample of what I have in mind for an open source publication is now online .  The HTML is typeset on the fly with a Mediawiki extension I wrote.  You can click on 'edit' at the top of the page (no need to register) to see the 'source code' for the paper (which was recently accepted in PRL).  Those familiar with LaTeX should recognize the markup (which is a mashup of LaTeX and WikiML and can/will evolve for user friendliness).  Also note that this paper is extremely equation dense making the markup difficult to read.  I plan to improve this by displaying the equation images in the editing area much like the emoticons are included in the iMechanica editing area.  Clicking an equation will allow you to edit it. 

If you're unfamiliar with LaTeX equation markup visit my AjTeX site at

The discussion tab at the top of the page is for reviews and discussion of the paper.  Ultimately, I would like to link this to an iMechanica thread as the Drupal discussion threads look much nicer than the chaotic wiki ones.

Please also note that the equations look horrible in Windows browsers (but great in Mac browsers).  This is because I render the equations at a high dpi so that they will scale as you increase the font size (ctrl-+ in Firefox).  Unfortunately, Windows browser do a horrible job scaling the graphics down.  I'm not sure why.  But if you use Windows you can download the Safari 3.0 beta and see how things look on my Mac.

Any change you make should be reflected in the typeset version once you 'Save page' or 'Show preview'.  Note that equation, figure and reference numbering is done automatically, as is cross-referencing.  I.e. try deleting an equation to see how everything is renumbered and cross-references updated.

Every revision is tracked so feel free to edit as much as you like.  I will reset it each day.

Hover over equation references to see a popup of the equation.

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