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Post-doctoral position in bio-inspired micro-architectured materials at McGill University

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I have an open position for a Post-doctoral researcher in the area of biomimetic materials, starting immediately. The successful candidate will explore and optimize bioinspired microarchitectures to increase the mechanical performance of engineering materials (glasses, ceramics, polymers).  This work will expand on our recent progress on overcoming the brittleness of glass ( Materials and systems of interest include nacre-like ceramic / polymeric composites, multilayered conch-shell like composites and fish-scale inspired flexible protective systems.

The candidate will use combinations of modeling (theoretical and finite elements), design optimization, innovative fabrication methods (3D printing, 3D laser engraving) and mechanical testing.

Required background: Mechanics of materials, composites, fracture mechanics, experimental mechanics and finite elements.

Preferred but not required: background in biological / biomaterials / biomimetic materials.

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