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Abaqus Eigen Value Analysis Error


I am having issues running an Eigen value simulation on a bridge model that I have developed. The model consists of a bridge super-structure supported by pinned connections on the ends of the bridge length and a roller support in the middle.

The model runs without errors when I do not request an Eigen value analysis, but aborts when I request an Eigen analysis. The message file sites the cause as a factorization error. Warnings also appear stating a zero pivot when releasing the 1st dof of the nodes associated with the roller connection.

I have attache the .inp file of my model. Do you know what may be causing this error?





For anyone that may need assistance with a similar problem:

Through scanning the documentation I found that you cannot apply a kinematic constraint to a node/node set that already is linked to an MCP constraint. If you must have the MPC constraint one possibility is to assign a constraint mimics a kinematic constraint aka. a join or slot constraint.

I hope that helps someone.


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