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Modelling tensile simulation including necking


 i am new in using ABAQUS. I am modelling tensile simulation. elastic and plastic part were ok (isotropic). but i dont know how to include damage model (damage for ductile materials). I need stress triaxilaity, equav plastic strain and strain rate..where i can obtain that?..hope somebody can help.  Material used is ALSi12


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you need to use Subroutines (umat or vumat) then you can use some routines like Vsprinc to call principal stresses and then use them to calculate triaxiality.


if dont know hoe to write a subroutine, just search  this web for that.


Shahram you have any experience with this simulation?..if you can share your input file so that i can study..or u can suggestt me good reference to get this parameters

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