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Material damage model

Modelling tensile simulation including necking


 i am new in using ABAQUS. I am modelling tensile simulation. elastic and plastic part were ok (isotropic). but i dont know how to include damage model (damage for ductile materials). I need stress triaxilaity, equav plastic strain and strain rate..where i can obtain that?..hope somebody can help.  Material used is ALSi12

Material damage model applied in ductile /brittle packaging material

Hi, I work on material damage model applied in ductile /brittle packaging material . Does any one have used the "overly method "(Imposing two element layers on top of each other, sharing same nodes but having different materials ) for modeling the an-isotropic hardening in Abaqus!? Do you know any other method that I can use for modeling an-isotropic hardening?

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