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Post Doctoral Research Associate at Loughborough University



The project will form one of the integral parts of a collaborative UK/India research grant, which is funded by the EPSRC and the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India.

Duration: 1 year

Deadline for application: 25 March 2014  


The projects aims to:


a) Study and develop fundamental
physics-based numerical tools capable of characterising material behaviours in
nickel and titanium alloys, linking micro and macro length scales. The models
developed will be relevant for a broad temperature range (20
°C to
800°C), high deformations (up to failure)
and high strain rates (104 s-1). In this context, ultrasonically
assisted machining (UAM) process that is typically characterised by repeated
micro-impacts between the tool and the workpiece will be charecterised.
a unique mesoscopic theory of plasticity will be implemented, which is an extension of macroscopic plasticity where
dislocation stresses as well as their spatio-temporal evolution are accounted
for in a physically meaningful averaged sense. The effect of material’s
polycrystallinity will be also studied, especially the effect of grain size and
orientation on the deformation and strain-hardening characteristics of the
material when subjected to macroscopically homogeneous thermo-mechanical loads. 


b) Next, the model will be
into a comprehensive modelling framework appropriate for
representing mechanics of the materials for simulations of manufacturing
processes. The model will be sufficiently general to characterise large
(finite) deformations. Suitable computationally efficient modelling techniques
will be developed and efficient optimization techniques will be used.


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