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Mimics 11 Out Now!

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 Would you plz tell me more about this software?

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Mimics 11 Out Now!

The latest version of Mimics is empowering the user with even more possibilities and user-friendliness

We at Materialise are working hard to ensure our clients access to the most powerful software for creating the best 3D computer models, to bringing challenging projects to production achieving perfect results, ever faster and more easily. On top of that we continuously strive for more user-friendly, intuitive and easy-to-use software.

Mimics 11 focuses on improved usability and performance, through enhanced algorithms for remeshing, volume rendering and segmentation. Currently Mimics is the standard for 3D image processing and editing based on scanner data, a position which will be consolidated even more with this new Mimics release.

Mimics 11 was released June 15, 2007. Here is a summary of its most important new features. The highlights of the latest release are listed below.

With this new release, our goal was to enhance Mimics’ overall usability and performance. There is no sense offering state-of-the-art 3D image processing software if the hardware is unable to keep up or if the user is unable to maximize the software’s capabilities to the fullest extent because its operation is not straightforward enough. I believe we have done a great job with this new release, which will help the user in obtaining the desired results.

Jeroen Dille, Mimics Product Manager

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