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Prager's Hardening Rule

Hi all

I am currently investigating Prager hardening room which is stated as the simplist linear kinematic hardening rule. I was wondering if anyone has worked with this model and if so if you have managed to identify how to determine the constant used for the back stress equation


dα =C * dεp ( this is epsilon dot p which is the equivalent plastic strain)


Please can you let me know how to determine the constant C from experimental results? 


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You can calculate the value of 'C' from hardening modulus 'H'. For von-Mises yield function, the relation between 'H' and 'C' is,


Here, 'H' is slope of the line between sigma and plastic strain in uniaxial loading. Since 'H' can be determined from experiments, 'C' can be found.

I hope this helps,

Best regards,

- Ramadas

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